For more than two decades, Whelan Builders has constructed luxurious residences and meticulously restored historic townhouses in New York and Connecticut, demonstrating their passion and fastidious craftsmanship. Whelan Builders offers an entire suite of construction services to ensure flawless execution of architectural designs. We are a fully-integrated, all-inclusive building company with a permanent staff dedicated to guaranteeing perfection from the initial breaking of ground to the final detail.

We build luxury custom homes and remodel lavish apartments. Whether big or small, ground-up or gut rehab, our goal is your dream home.

Listening to your needs is our first priority. Our team will directly guide you and work collaboratively with your architects and designers to deliver your dream home to fit your vision and style.

Pushing beyond limits without settling for less. Sometimes it means being in the business of the impossible.

Whelan Builder clients demand a high level of sophistication and Whelan Builder delivers. Whether the job is a brand-new custom home or a kitchen renovation, Whelan Builders provides the same level of personal attention and service. The goal is to make clients’ dreams come true, and Whelan Builders prides itself on doing just that. Once clients have worked with Whelan Builders, there’s no reason to go anywhere else!